31st century

First Appearance

Sundown, Pt. 2


Early in the beginning, baryogenesis took place and populated the universe with matter and its opposite, antimatter. The conditions for this process were extreme heat and density. However, the total observable amount of matter in the universe is greater than that of total antimatter, on the order of one extra matter particle per billion matter-antimatter particle pairs. The mixing of both results in its cancellation and the creation of high energy photons or other particle-antiparticle pairs. The ability to harness antimatter and the asymmetry between matter and antimatter was one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of physics in the 20th century.

By the 31st century, antimatter is known to reside in the Tiberian Nebula. When the Legion of Superheroes and the Fatal Five were constructing a solar transducer to destroy the Sun-Eater, Sun Boy and Mano were dispatched to the Nebula to harness some antimatter. Mano's powers allowed him to physically hold onto antimatter indefinitely.

In the 41st century, Imperiex managed to steal Kell-El's Warp Key and teleport to the past. He altered the past in a significant way and caused the universe in the 41st century to collapse and reset itself with antimatter waves. The Legion of Superheroes and Kell-El were able to escape. However, one of the Triplicate Girls was seemingly caught in the wave but returned to the past after Imperiex and Brainiac 1.0 were defeated.


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