Battle Cruiser


Legion of Superheroes


R.J. Brande


31st century

First Appearance

The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Pt. 2


The Battle Cruiser is available to purchase to those with the deepest pocket, battle cruisers are modest forms of transportation and can accommodate dozens of passengers with ease. In the 31st century, the wealthy industrialist R.J. Brande is said to own a fleet of such cruisers.

When Imperiex and other super villains laid waste to the Legion Headquarters and corrupted Computo, the Legion regrouped at the local hospital. Brande, the group's backer, "loaned" one of his battle cruisers to the Legion. This was ideal, because it wasn't tied to Computo's database. Since then, it acted as their temporary base of operations and the new home of staple features such as the training room and Brainiac 5's lab.


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