Bio Golems

Real Name

Bio Golems




Bio Golems


Dr. Mar Londo (creator)

Abilities and Powers

Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Cry Wolf

Voiced By




Bio-Golems are the creation of Dr. Mar Londo. They are genetically harvested from a unique synthetic tissue he also developed. The golems possess no intelligence of their own and can be easily controlled. Londo implanted each specimen with nanites that are keyed to his brainwaves. As a result, Londo can command a small army of golems with his mind. Londo also made strides to use the tissue to synthesize a clone of himself.

At a summit of the Interplanetary Federation of Scientists of Heisenberg-7, Londo displayed his Bio-Golems despite protest from a few members. It was interrupted by Timber Wolf, who was secretly controlled by Londo's nanites as part of a larger plan. Londo recently allied with Imperiex and planned to supply him with an army of Bio-Golems and a general, Timber Wolf. After the Legion of Superheroes confronted the Londo clone on Rawl, the remains were most likely confiscated by the Legion or the Science Police.


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