Brainiac 6
Brainiac 6

Real Name

Brainiac 6






Abilities and Powers

12th-level Intellect, Force Fields, Regeneration, Transformation, Technopathy, Science, and Analysis

First Appearance

Dark Victory part 2

Voiced By

Adam Wylie & Corey Burton


Brainiac 1.0 (ancestor), Brainiac 2 (ancestor), Brainiac 3 (ancestor), Brainiac 4 (ancestor), Brainiac 5 (ancestor)



Brainiac 1.0 asserted control over Brainiac 5 and escaped the Legion Battle Cruiser to join Imperiex' alliance. Along the way, it almost killed Superman with a Kryptonite crown. Upon Imperiex' declaration of victory, Brainiac made its move and destroyed Imperiex. It then reformatted Imperiex' flag ship into its trademark vehicle, the Skull Ship, and charted a course for Colu. There, it reprogrammed the Coluan Hive to do his bidding and aid in digitizing the universe. The Legion of Superheroes gathered for a final stand. Saturn Girl then projected Superman and Superman X into Brainiac 5's mind where they battled Brainiac. Brainiac 5 managed to take back control and purged Brainiac from himself. As a result, Brainiac 5 became entirely organic. However, among the debris of the battle, Brainiac reformed into a new body, Brainiac 6.


Just like a computer can store data in its memory, Brainiac 6 could record (or absorb) all knowledge from a planet. Its "function" was to travel throughout the universe, collecting all data and destroying all of creation. Brainiac 6 could also transfer its programming into another computer, which resulted in it repeatedly returning when thought destroyed. As well as technology, Brainiac 6 could also transfer its programming into living beings through nanotechnology.

In addition, Brainiac 6's robotic bodies were all endowed with a high level of superhuman strength and durability, though not on par with Superman. These robotic bodies could also project metallic telescoping tendrils from Brainiac 6's limbs, and channel electricity through these as an offensive attack. Brainiac 6 was also able to generate energy to blast at enemies as well as deliver nanotech payloads.