Chlorophyll Kid
Chlorophyll Kid

Real Name

Ral Benem






Legion of Substitute Heroes

Abilities and Powers

Plant Manipulation

First Appearance

Lightning Storm

Voiced By

Alex Polinsky



Chlorophyll Kid aka Ral Benem was born and raised on Mardru, the center of agricultural research and development in the United Planets system. While visiting his father's job site, Benem fell into a vat of experimental fertilizer. He survived and discovered he gained the power to accelerate plant growth.

As Chlorophyll Kid, he applied for the Legion of Superheroes and was rejected on the basis he couldn't control plant growth. Inspired by Bouncing Boy's words of encouragement, he and four others formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes. On their first major case, they defeated Starfinger and stopped the Legion from polarizing the atmosphere. The Legion was impressed and offered them membership. Chlorophyll Kid and the others declined and decided to make their group permanent.

The Legion of Superheroes made an arrangement for them to handle cases they were to busy to deal with and gave them Flight Rings. During universal threats, the Substitutes arrived to help, including the Sun-Eater and Brainiac 1.0 cases.


  • Chlorokinesis: After the accident he is to be able to mold and weave plants to his liking. He can sprout roots from the ground to ensnare criminals or wrap oak tree bark around himself in defense. He can grow plant monsters and control them to whatever extent he wishes.


  • Legion Flight Ring: Like all Legionaries Chlorophyll Kid wears a flight ring. It allows him self propelled flight and protection in the vacuum of space.


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