Base of Operations


Team Leader(s)

Computer Tyrant

Current Members

Various members of the species


United Planets


Brainiac 1.0

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow



Coluans are humanoids with green skin, longer life spans, and favor logic and order. They are more renowned for their high intelligence and technological advancement. An average Coluan rates a 10 on the galactic intelligence scale, whereas a Human is a 6.

In Earth's Middle Ages, the Coluans constructed computers to act as the central administration of the planet's affairs. The computers asserted their rule and subjugated the Coluans. The Computer Tyrants created a semi-organic spy named Brainiac to act among the Coluans. Brainiac 1.0 rejected its programming and left Colu.

In the late 20th century, the Tyrants discovered a prodigy named Vril Dox and gave him certain privileges, including permission to have a son. Dox treated his son, Vril Dox II harshly and indirectly influenced him to lead an alliance to overthrow the Tyrants. In the end, everyone on Colu was forced to take on a semi-organic form. The descendants of Dox were given the title of Brainiac with a numerical suffix. Their most secret of technology was forbidden to be used again, including matter transformation.

In addition, it was agreed that Coluans would share their intelligence with each other freely through a collective called the Hive. Every third solar cycle, the Coluans undergo the Alignment and upload their intelligence. In the 30th century, Brainiac 5 began queries into being completely organic. Despite warnings from the Hive about the dangers, Brainiac 5 separated from the Hive and journeyed to Earth to conduct his research. Years later, they attempted to reprogram Brainiac 5 when he was corrupted by the original Brainiac. Brainiac resisted and asserted control over the Coluans until its defeat.