Comet & Cupid

Real Name

Comet & Cupid




Unnamed Kryptonian Species



Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Flight, and Concussive Blasts

First Appearance


Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker



Allegedly, two large beasts from the harsh wilderness of Krypton were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone decades ago. They appear to be reptilian in nature with scales and plates forming on their back to their tail. From a visual standpoint, their eyes are positioned on each side of their skull and gives them ideal frontal and side vision. As part of a diversionary tactic, it can project a concussive blast from its eyes.

While trapped in the Phantom Zone, they became loyal pets of Drax and accompanied him when he escaped to the 31st century via the Phantom Zone Projector. The Legion of Superheroes were able to subdue the pair and they were remanded to a local zoo in New Metropolis. Nicknamed Comet and Cupid, the duo thrived in their exhibit but were freed by Zyx for sport. They were recaptured and placed back in their exhibits.


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