Core Diffuser




United Planets


31st century

First Appearance

Chain of Command


The Core Diffuser is a weather device created to draw away and absorb harsh activity much like a simple lightning rod. Alone it is a large spherical object tied into the weather station grid. A standard model can absorb up to 150 Megabars of pressure.

One such device is used on the planet Winath to protect its agricultural industry, the bread basket of the United Planets. Sometime in the 31st century, a cosmic storm exceeding 500 Megabars touched down on Winath. A squad from the Legion of Superheroes raced to Winath ahead of the United Planets to give aid. The core was ultimately overloaded with radiation. Superman was able to eject it to the atmosphere where it exploded without any damage done. After the storm ended, Brainiac 5 repaired and upgraded the core diffuser to handle 600 Megabars.


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