Cybernetic 4000
Lightning lad 3


Lightning Lad


Brainiac 5


Laser Emission, Electric Manipulation, and Explosive Charges


31st century

First Appearance

Chained Lightning


The Cybernetic 4000 is latest model of cybernetic arms in the 31st century. In addition to replacing a lost arm, it can fire lasers and explosives. Attaching the arm requires a knowledge of transneural photonics, including being able to accurately match mechanical and biological impetences.

When Lightning Lad lost his arm by Imperiex, Brainiac 55 and Shrinking Violet raced to attach a new one as Lightning Lad's energy force was bleeding out. Shrinking Violet used her powers and skills to make the operation a success. In addition, Lightning Lad's biochemical energy powers and amplifies the arm's capabilities. Lightning Lad embraced it but it later turned out to be a weakness when Brainiac 5 went rogue and took remote control over it.


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