United Planets




21st century , 31st century, 41st century

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow


Earth is a planet located in the western spiral of the Milky Way Galaxy, is the homeworld of the human race as well as many other non-native sapient species, and is the main planet featured. The planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old. It is the capital of the United Planets, with New Metropolis as it's capital city. Earth is famous for being home to various Superheroes such as Superman who was sent there from Krypton when it exploded. He was raised in Smallville, Kansas an area in the North American continent. Earth is also the adopted home of R.J. Brande the owner of Brande Industries and the richest man in the galaxy. Using his money he was able to form the Legion of Superheroes based on Earth to help protect the United Planets. Earth is also home to the Science Police who enforce the laws of the United Planets.

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