Emerald Eye of Ekron
Adorable Emerald Empress


Emerald Empress




31st century

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow


The Emerald Eye of Ekron is a magical artifact and sentient being that seeks out human hosts as outlets for its near unlimited power. It seems to choose those with feelings of anger, hatred, or desire for revenge. Speculated to have come into existence in the 20th century, some believe it is the sole remnant of a mystical creature. Others postulate it was artificially created, as it does contain some amount of circuitry. Nonetheless, it is 2 feet in diameter and nearly indestructible.

In the 30th century, it was discovered in a cave by Sarya of Venegar. She bonded with the Eye and became Emerald Empress. In skirmishes with the Legion of Superheroes, it has been proven the Eye can be neutralized but it adapts and can't be defeated the same way twice. When the Empress was imprisoned on Takron-Galtos, the Eye was confiscated by the Science Police and kept in a special chamber that mentally shields it from its owner. Shrinking Violet was able to infiltrate the Eye and disable its circuitry while Matter-Eater Lad was able to disable it when he attempted to eat it. In the process, he was driven temporarily insane. It is unknown if the Eye was able to repair itself after this incident.


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