Real Name

Markx Grimbor






Science Police, Scavengers, Roderick Doyle

Abilities and Powers

Intuitive Aptitude, Bonds, Locks, Restraints, Theft, and Kidnapping

First Appearance

The Karate Kid

Voiced By

Lex Lang



Markx Grimbor is a specialist in locksmith technique and restraint technologies. Having mastered an intuitive talent, Grimbor took pride in being able to solve any challenge that required his forte. For some time, Grimbor acted as a consultant to the Science Police and designed restraints for criminals. He grew bored and hired himself out to the criminal underworld.

The Karate KidEdit

The Science Police assigned Hart Druiter to a special unit that was dedicated to capturing Grimbor. He was been working with Imperiex when it came to stealing items and has been pursued by Nemesis Kid (who was pursuing Grimbor on behalf of the Science Police) and the Legion of Superheroes. When most of the Legion ended up hit by a weapon that removed their powers, only Karate Kid was left to fight him. Karate Kid managed to defeat him when one of Grimbor's chains got caught in a shaft and Grimbor was seemingly destroyed when Karate Kid triggered an explosive device on his belt.

In the BeginningEdit

Grimbor was revealed to be alive when he captured R.J. Brande and lured the Legion of Superheroes into a trap. He was hired by R.J.'s former partner Roderick Doyle who was posing as Senator Tolay to eliminate R.J. Brande and the Legion once and for all. But was eventually taken down by Lightning Lad.


Grimbor has no powers. His greatest strength is the ability to envision and created restraining devices that can hold anyone or anything. Grimbor also has is a skilled fighter and superb athlete.


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