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High Elder 
High Elder

Real Name

High Elder






Council of Zerox

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Child's Play

Voiced By

Richard McGonagle



The Zeroxian Sorceror's High Council is the principal political body on the planet Zerox. They are primarily responsible for hearing cases against wizards who abuse their use of magic including unauthorized conjuring, disobeying mentors, and violating the sorcerer's code.

Impressed with the diligence of an outsider named Phantom Girl, the Council heard her plea for them to extract Zyx from Earth. The Council, however, ruled that her trip to Zerox was cause for war. The quick-thinking Phantom Girl surrendered. Years later, the Council was attacked by a fallen wizard named Mordru. He proceeded to the drain them of their magic to replace his own. The Legion of Superheroes intervened.


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