Base of Operations

Earth and it's colonies

Team Leader(s)

President of the United Planets

Current Members

Various members of the species


United Planets



First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow



Humans are a species that originates from Earth. Humans are sometimes referred to as Terrans. Some people use the term "Terran" to refer to things that originate from the planet. In some instances, Humans have also been called "Earthlings".

Humans in the GalaxyEdit

Throughout history, by their own means, once faster-than-light engines were known to the race, Humans have spread out into the galaxy. Many Humans have forged colonies, during the early Human expansion from Earth. The majority of Human colonies and settlements are part of the United Planets. Due to the Humans possessing the Meta-gene the settlers began to react to their new environments and developed powers best suited for their new worlds. Due to this new human sub species emerged such as, Braalians, Naltorians, Carggites, Tromites, Bismollians, Bgtzlians, Titanians, Imskians, etc.



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