Identity Implanter
Who Am I


Chameleon Boy, Ron-Karr


Brainiac 5


31st century

First Appearance

Who Am I?


The Identity Implanter is a special device used for cutting edge infiltration. With a digital scan of a subject's mind, a volunteer can be implanted with the subject's memories, thoughts, and attitude. A perfect duplicate of the subject is simulated.

When planet Mata was invaded by Imperiex, Brainiac 5 decided extreme measures were required. After breaking out the Persuader from Takron-Galtos and scanning him, Chameleon Boy volunteered to pose as the Persuader and infiltrate Imperiex' inner circle. The Durlan mind is more sensitive and required extra care to restore Chameleon Boy back to his correct state of being. In the process, the Legion discovered Imperiex copied the technology and swapped Superman with Ron-Karr.


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