Message in a Bottle






31st century

First Appearance

Message in a Bottle


Kandor is the capital city of the planet Krypton.In the 20th century, it was miniaturized and stolen by Brainiac 1.0. Superman later recovered the city and kept it in his Fortress of Solitude while trying to find a way to restore it to normal size. Superman would often enter Kandor and be treated as a guest of honor. Since its environment is sustained by a red sun simulation, Superman has to wear a special power suit to retain his powers. Besides being the capital and housing the sacred Temple of Rao, Kandor also had the importance of being home to the Messanger, a device that kept Krypton from exploding. Brainiac 5 and Superman eventually restored Krypton and Kandor after saving it from Imperiex.


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