31st century

First Appearance

Fear Factory


When the planet Krypton exploded in the early 20th century, the remains were irradiated and was scattered across space. A modest amount accompanied Jor-El rocket as it warped to Earth. Chemically it is found to contain 10.62% Dialium, 3.94% Mercury, 15.08% Plutonium, 24.02% Promethium, 18.06% Tantalum, 27.71% Xenon, and 0.57% of a previously unknown element.

Characterized by its green glow, Kryptonite was later found to cause Superman and Kryptonians pain and direct exposure, such as injection, would be fatal. Kryptonite is also fatal to humans over a long period of time, often causing cancer. The Phantom Zone resident, Drax, is proof that a Kryptonian can be genetically modified to be immune to Kryptonite. There are also three other variants of Kryptonite. Red Kryptonite, similar to the red light spectrum, temporarily removes any powers a Kryptonian received from absorbing yellow light. It also can cause temporary physical mutation or psychological change. Gold Kryptonite can permanently remove a Kryptonian's powers by altering specific cells in their body to no longer absorb solar energy. Blue Kryptonite is able to reverse the effects of Red Kryptonite and heal a Kryptonian. Advances in technology are also able to simulate the radiation of Green Kryptonite.

Brainiac 5 kept a specimen in his lab vault at Legion Headquarters. It was later lost to the Phantom Zone. Years later, when he went rogue from Brainiac's influence, he fashioned another sample Kryptonite into a mock crown and killed Superman with it. Luckily, Superman was revived by the nearby yellow sun and Superman X volunteered for a transfusion to restore his health.


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