Legion Cruiser
Legion Cruiser


Legion of Superheroes


Brainiac 5


31st century

First Appearance

Timber Wolf


The Legion Cruiser is the official mode of inter-planetary travel for the Legion of Superheroes. It is tied into Computo's database and can easily access information on command. It is armed with a laser cannon and ion beam. Protocols prevent them being used at lethal levels. The ship can also perform self-diagnostic searches on itself such as a full dimensional scan to pinpoint cloaked intruders or on planets for life signs. Another form of protection is an emergency force field that can be activated around the pilot. The ship essentially runs on auto pilot but Bouncing Boy is the only known member to pilot it manually.

Imperiex later corrupted Computo. As a result, he could remotely control the Legion Cruiser. He attempted to destroy it but its current occupants, Brainiac 5 and Superman X survived.


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