Legion Flight Ring
Legion Flight Ring


Legion of Superheroes


Brainiac 5


31st century

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow


In the beginning, the Legion of Superheroes used jet packs as their personal mode of transportation. After a year, these were replaced by anti-gravity belts. The belts became a liability after an encounter with the super villain, Vibrex. Vibrex could use his power to turn the belts on and off. When Brainiac 5 joined the Legion, he used Element 153, an anti-gravity, psychosensitive metal invented in 2975, and circuitry to create a ring. The flight ring could only be activated by the mental command of its owner. In addition, the ring's circuitry allows for communication between Legionnaires and Legion Headquarters, can project light like a flash light, and can be used to lift people and objects.

The Flight Rings became a staple of Legion culture. It displays their signature "L" insignia. When a new member is imitated, they must say the oath and then accept a Cloaking Belt and Flight Ring. The latest ring was presented to Superman's clone from the 41st century, Kell-El.

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