Lightning Beasts
Lightning beast

Real Name

Lightning Beasts




Lightning Beasts



Abilities and Powers

Electric generation and manipulation

First Appearance

Fear Factory

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker


The Lightning Beasts are classified as a non-sentient energy-based life form, the Lightning Beasts are a native species of the planetoid, Korbal. They constantly discharge energy and tend to hunt in packs.

When Garth Ranzz, Ayla Ranzz, and Mekt Ranzz went on a joyride, they were forced to land on Korbal. Mekt Ranzz came up with a plan to lure a Lightning Beast close to their ship and effectively recharge it. Several Lightning Beasts accompanied the lone one and surrounded the trio. They were both shocked with the Beasts' discharge. Realizing the Ranzz' were not prey, they left them alone. While Garth and Mekt were gifted with super powers, Ayla was phased into a state of sentient energy.

The event continued to haunt Garth and Mekt Ranzz for years in the form of nightmares. When a group of Legionnaires were trapped on Quavermass 12, the system projected everyone's greatest fears in order to capture them in their terrified state. Garth Ranzz', now Lightning Lad, fear was two-fold, his childhood clown doll, Captain Howdy transformed into a Lightning Beast.