Dr. Mar Londo
Mar Londo

Real Name

Mar Londo






Interplanetary Federation of Scientists

Abilities and Powers

Bioengineering, Cloning, and Nanotechnology

First Appearance

Timber Wolf

Voiced By

Harry J. Lennix; Dorian Harewood


Timber Wolf (son)



Dr. Mar Londo was once a respected industrialist and scientist on planet Zuun. He led the charge to aggressively mine the planet's natural resource, Zune, since it aided in his experiments. Londo relocated to the planet Rawl with his son Brin Londo to carry on illegal research and avoid United Planets jurisdiction. He was also condemned by the Interplanetary Federation of Scientists as a radical.

Obsessed with creating the ultimate warrior, Londo experimented on Rawl's local indigenous species but to no avail. He turned to his son and bio-engineered him through irreversible DNA manipulation. Brin Londo went into a super agitated state and fled the facility.

Timber WolfEdit

Unable to capture him alone, Londo faked a distress call to the Legion of Superheroes and manipulated them into capturing his son. The Legion realized what was happening and confronted Londo. Timber Wolf spared Londo but destroyed his computers and freed his subjects.

Cry WolfEdit

Two years later Dr Londo used invisible nanites that could travel through space and time and infected Brin Londo on Earth, stimulating his limbic system. This caused Timber Wolf to lapse into uncontrollable fits of rage. Doctor Londo manipulated Timber Wolf into attending an Interplanetary convention at Heisenberg-7. As Doctor Londo demonstrated his advances in genetic mutation with his new Bio Golems, Timber Wolf sprung from the audience and attacked him, seemingly killing him. In truth, Doctor Londo faked his death in the hopes of luring Timber Wolf back to his laboratory on Rawl. As it turned out however, Timber Wolf was apprehended by the Science Police and put on trial. Timber Wolf could not determine with any degree of certainty that he didn't in fact murder Doctor Londo. During his trial, Brin Londo lost control of his abilities once again and tore through the courtroom.

Timber Wolf returned to Heisenberg-7 to investigate the crime scene on his own. Convinced of his own guilt, he took a cruiser back to the planet Rawl. There he found his father Mar Londo still alive. Doctor Londo explained his actions to him, proclaiming that he wanted to help Timber Wolf. He wanted to stabilize the balance between man and wolf with the hopes of making Timber Wolf the leader of his own private army. Timber Wolf fought against his father and his Bio Golems, but just when he thought he had finally captured the renegade scientist, he discovered that this too was a ruse. The real Mar Londo was monitoring affairs from a remote location, leaving another of his advanced clones on Rawl to interact with Timber Wolf. Though frustrated beyond measure, Timber Wolf was cleared of all charges.


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