Matter-Eater Lad
Matter-Eater Lad

Real Name

Tenzil Kem






Legion of Superheroes

Abilities and Powers

Matter Ingestion

First Appearance


Voiced By

Alex Polinsky



Matter-Eater Lad aka Tenzil Kem was born on Bismoll where inhabitants have the power to eat any form of matter. Despite having an alcoholic father, Kem developed a pleasant attitude, sense of humor, and flair for showmanship.


He decided to prove himself by winning the 343rd Intergalactic Games on Olympus 12. Although he finished in seventh place, Kem amazed the crowd and Lightning Lad by helping stop the Fatal Five. Kem at one point eats through the handle of the Persuader's Atomic Axe.

The SubstitutesEdit

Soon after, Kem decided to apply for membership in the Legion of Superheroes as "Matter Eater Lad". During his audition, he ate a live explosive and quickly won over the Legionnaires. Matter Eater Lad was quickly put to work when several creatures began attacking the ionosphere. Over time, he developed a reputation for getting his teammates out of a bind when it mattered most.


Matter Eater Lad was among the Legionaries when the battled the Controller, who had released the deadly weapon the Sun-Eater.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

Years later, when the prisoners of Takron-Galtos escaped and attacked Legion Headquarters, Matter Eater Lad bit a chunk out of the Emerald Eye of Ekron and was declared insane.

In the BeginningEdit

After months Matter Eater Lad was still in bed recovering from the energy overload from the Emerald Eye of Ekron in a bed in hospital near Saturn Girl. Lightning Lad tries to get him to eat, but bites through the spoon.

Dark VictoryEdit

Matter Eater Lad was among the Legionaries who fought in the final stand against Brainiac 1.0.


  • Matter Ingestion: Matter-Eater Lad can eat any substance in any amount at super-speed. He can consume an unlimited amount of matter in any form - solid, liquid or gas. He once hollowed out a large meteor in a matter of minutes. Their power to eat hard objects, like steel, without having super-strength or invulnerability, stems from the Bismollian ability to produce a variety of digestive enzyme that act on specific substances, making them easier to chew and digest.


  • Legion Flight Ring: Like all Legionaries Matter-Eater Lad wears a flight ring. It allows him self propelled flight and protection in the vacuum of space.


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