Persuader (Legion of Superheroes)

Real Name

Nyeun Chun Ti






Fatal Five

Abilities and Powers

Atomic Axe can cut through anything

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow

Voiced By

David Sobolov



The Persuader aka Nyeun Chun Ti is a member of the Fatal Five and a mortal enemy of the Legion of Superheroes. His Atomic Axe can cut through anything, even Superman's flesh. Nyuen Chun Ti grew up to believe that the most important thing was to be able to prove his self-worth. As a result, he got into many fights as a child. As an adult, he was genetically modified to be able to work on heavy gravity mining colonies. As a result, his physical attributes were increased. This only elevated his ideology. Shortly after, he went to Minerstown on the Asteroid Archipelago for work. Ti soon confronted the foreman, Wolf Bebach and killed him. Ti took his Atomic Axe, the Persuader for his own as a trophy. He then decided to take the Axe's name and became an assassin for hire. Over the years, Persuader formed a psychic link with the axe and the two couldn't be separated for long. After 10 years of killing, the Persuader joined the Fatal Five, a group of the Science Police's most wanted criminals.

Man of TomorrowEdit

They were defeated by the Legion of Superheroes and sent to Takron-Galtos to serve their sentences. The Fatal Five soon escaped and arrived on Earth to exact revenge. They were defeated when the Legion recruited Superman.


The Fatal Five later resurfaced in a plot to assassinate President Wazzo but the participants of the 343rd Intergalactic Games stopped them.


With the threat of the Sun-Eater on the rise, the Legion convinced the imprisoned Persuader to agree to a temporary alliance. Persuader had every intention of double crossing them, something that the Legion took into account. He and the rest of the group were returned to Takron-Galtos.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

They were later freed by Imperiex and wrecked havoc on the Legion of Superheroes at their Earth headquarters.

Who Am I?Edit

Years later, Brainiac 5 staged a break out at Takron-Galtos and took the Persuader hostage aboard the Legion Battle Cruiser. At an effort to plant a spy among Imperiex' inner circle, Brainiac 5 implanted a digital scan of the Persuader's mind onto Chameleon Boy's. The ruse would have worked but the real Persuader became increasingly agitated and went after the Atomic Axe aboard Imperiex' cruiser.



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