Professor Planarus
Fear Factory

Real Name 

Professor Planarus 


Quavermass 12


Alien Hologram


Quavermass 12

Abilities and Powers

Holographic Projection

First Appearance

Fear Factory

Voiced By 

Richard McGonagle


Professor Planarus is the Holographic projection host of the space station. He told the team he had heard of the Legion, and tells them that this space station Quavermass 12, named for its creator has been an intergalactic rest stop for centuries, where travelers can take refuge from the storms. The Legionnaires dig into their meals, which have been specially prepared for them. Unfortunately Bouncing Boy gets a soup dish full of eyeballs, and Boris whispers that he's doomed as he takes the bowl back to the kitchen. Planarus informs them the docking bridge is out and the Legionnaires will have to spend the night, so they retire to their rooms.