Quantum Ore




31st century

First Appearance

Sundown, Pt. 2


Quantum Particles are also known as elementary particles such as leptons, quarks, bosons, baryons, and mesons. The large number of them have always been an issue in particle physics. String Theory states that if one were to magnify the quantum particle, one would see a tiny strings that are 100 billion times smaller and vibrate below the subatomic level at a distinct resonance for a certain particle.

In the 30th century, an active Sun-Eater prompted a combined effort between the Legion of Superheroes and the Fatal Five to construct a Solar Transducer. The transducer requires a large amount of Quantum Particles. The Persuader was sent to the Tyro Cluster to harvest Quantum Ore with his Atomic Axe and Colossal Boy and Timber Wolf went to Vega-3 to find quantum from a group of Scavengers.


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