Quavermass 12
Quavermass 12

Real Name

Quavermass 12


Quavermass 12


Space Station


Professor Planarus, Boris

Abilities and Powers

Holographic Simulation, Self-Repair, and Biochemical Integration

First Appearance

Fear Factory

Voiced By




Quavermass 12 is a unique space station created long before the 30th century. Its creator made its source of fuel, fear via a biochemical system. By utilizing a holographic simulator and a mind scanner, Quavermass 12 attempts to scare its victims and uses suspended animation to keep them in a state of perpetual fear. In order to attract prey, it acts as an intergalactic waystation in the middle of a Category 13 cosmic storm. Upon arrival, it scans its would-be victims to determine their fears and initiates electromagnetic transmissions to prevent long distance communication.

The Legion of Superheroes happened on the station and were all captured but Brainiac 5 and Superman. Brainiac 5 downloaded himself into Quavermass 12 and guided Superman to the system core. After the core was destroyed, all the Quavermass' victims were released and the Legion alerted the Science Police.


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