Roderick Doyle
Roderick Doyle

Real Name

Roderick Doyle






Brande Industries

Abilities and Powers

Business, Planning, and Manipulation

First Appearance

In the Beginning

Voiced By

Wil Wheaton



Roderick Doyle was once R.J. Brande's assistant at Brande Industries. Unsatisfied with his position and overcome with greed, Doyle plotted to have Brande killed. With him dead, Doyle would ascend to the position of CEO and become wealthy from Brande's Star Builder technology. On one fateful day, Brande was set to give a speech when he was attacked by assassins. The assassins were stopped by Garth Ranzz, Rokk Krinn, and Imra Ardeen. They later stopped Doyle a second time. Brande was impressed by their actions and pledged to help them form the Legion of Superheroes.

In the BeginningEdit

Years later, Doyle still held a grudge and hired Grimbor and the Scavengers to kidnap Brande. In one of his rare public appearances, Brande was to accept and award of merit for his involvement with the Legion. The final confrontation took place at a star nursery where Doyle tried to kill everyone with a black hole but failed.


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