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Legion of Super-Villains

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Lightning Storm

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Shawn Harrison



Ron-Karr was born on the Neptune Colonies with the power to change his form to anything he could think of. Somewhat timid, Ron-Karr didn't have the criminal mind in a traditional sense. Instead, he joined the Light Speed Vanguard in his search for acceptance and camaraderie.

Lightning StormEdit

While carefully searching for a seventh member, Lightning Lord suggested his brother, Lightning Lad. Lad's test run was a mission against Sand Raiders attacked a medical transport. When the transport refused to pay the Vanguard's fee, Tyr ordered everyone to confiscate the transport's Sector 10 Colony Decontamination Units. Lightning Lad objected and with the Legion, defeated the Vanguard. Although Lightning Lord escaped, the rest were imprisoned on Takron-Galtos.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

They were later freed by Imperiex and wrecked havoc on the Legion of Superheroes at their Earth headquarters.

Who Am I?Edit

Years later, he was recruited by Imperiex to spy on the Legion of Superheroes. To make his shape-shifting skills more believable, Imperiex implanted Superman's digital signatures on him. When the Legion were working to cure Chameleon Boy, Superman realized he was Ron-Karr. Realizing he never had the respect of Imperiex, Ron-Karr turned on him and helped destroy the Supermissile before it hit Durla. He disappeared into space, never to be seen again.


Like Chameleon Boy, Ron-Karr has the same shape-shifting. He can take the form of any object or organism and morph into it within seconds. on-Karr is able to shift into forms both larger and smaller than he is, creating or disregarding mass at whim. He can also elongate parts of his body with this excess mass creation, as well as rearrange his internal organs and tissue such as his eyes, nose, heart, etc. He is a skilled voice imitator to go along with his disguises.


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