Base of Operations

New Metropolis, Earth, United Planets

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Various members

Former Members

Grimbor the Chainsman


Alexis Luthor


Legion of Superheroes

First Apperance




The Scavengers are a group of thieves who use technology. They continually use stolen technology to augment themselves. Although skilled in using cloaking to avoid detection, their exploits are well documented.


Brainiac 5 once compiled a 132 page report on the group when it turned its sights on New Metropolis. They managed to use their deflectors to avoid detection by both the Science Police and Saturn Girl. They were approached by Alexis Luthor to help her destroy the Legion of Superheroes. In exchange, she outfitted them with cutting edge technology. Together, they invaded Legion Headquarters and were barely defeated.


Months later, Colossal Boy and Timber Wolf infiltrated a Scavenger cell on Vega-3 in search of a needed part for a solar transducer.

In the BeginningEdit

Some time later, Grimbor the Chainsman and a group of Scavengers crashed the Legion Day Ceremony and kidnapped R.J. Brande.



The Scavengers make a cameo appearance in the Batman Brave and Bold episode Siege of Starro Part 1. Batman and Booster Gold battle them in the 31st century before returning to the present. They are seen being taken away by the Science Police though Booster's time portal.

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