Space Squid
Space squid

Real Name

Space Squid


Deep Space


Space Squid



Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Flight, Survival in Space, and Ink Secretion

First Appearance

Lightning Storm

Voiced By




Space Squid is a species of giant squid evolved to thrive and live in outer space. Like Mortsacs, the Space Squids are a constant threat to those travelling through space. Orion the Hunter claimed to have allegedly killed and ate one himself in Rigel-9.

Lightning StormEdit

The Legion of Superheroes were dispatched to neutralize a space squid that was attacking several people. The combined might of Superman, Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy, Triplicate Girl, Saturn Girl, and Colossal Boy was unable to stop the creature. The intervention of the Light Speed Vanguard was enough to scare the creature away. It left gallons of ink in its wake.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

Chameleon Boy later shape-shifts into one when the Legion are battling Imperiex forces.


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