Real Name

Lars Hanscom







Abilities and Powers

Armed with Glove (Cyrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Sound Manipulation, Hyrdokinesis, and Dimensional Summoning)

First Appearance

The Substitutes

Voiced By

Taylor Negron



Starfinger aka Lars Hanscom dreamed of building a criminal empire and striking fear in the hearts of all. Hanscom became Starfinger and with a special glove, had a super power for each finger. The Legion of Superheroes classified him as a third rate nuisance that the Science Police could handle.

The SubstitutesEdit

That was true until he discovered the fifth finger's power. It could summon furry creatures to do his bidding. Together, he robbed New Metropolis blind. He was unconcerned that the creatures eventually floated off into space. The creatures then transformed and began to destroy the ionosphere. While the Legion investigated the ionosphere, the Legion of Substitute Heroes tried to defeat Starfinger. Stone Boy realized Starfinger was the cause of the ionosphere's degradation and defeated Starfinger himself. The Legion then raced to space and explained the situation. Brainiac 5 used Starfinger's glove to stop the creatures. Starfinger succeeded in planning the ultimate crime and was taken to prison.


  • Starfinger has no inherent powers.


  • Starfinger Gauntlet: Armed with Glove each finger produces a different effect such as Cyrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Sound Manipulation, Hyrdokinesis, and Dimensional Summoning; which releases a small creates nicknamed Furries which over time grow into monstrous crearures.


  • Starfinger's powers are based on Lars Hanscom, the first Starfinger, while his costume is based on the second Starfinger, Char Burrane. Starfinger's motive, personality, and storyline are new for this episode though.


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