Unnatural Alliances

Real Name



Earth (41st Century)




Superman X

Abilities and Powers

Space-Time Manipulation, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

Unnatural Alliances

Voiced By

Jeff Black


K3NT (creator), Superman X (fellow creation)



Terra-Man is a self-repairing android (getting crushed by a planet forming around him couldn't kill him) created in the 41st-century by the sentient artificial intelligence known as K3NT (the same one who created Superman X).

Unnatural AlliancesEdit

Terra-Man was sent back in time to kill a boy named Abel, who would one day invent the technology that would result in the creation of the warlord known as Imperiex. This drove both Superman X and Imperiex to protect him; Imperiex to ensure his own survival, Superman X to prevent what is morally wrong. In the end, Terra-Man was ultimately destroyed by the unlikely team-up of Superman X and Imperiex.

Terra-Man led Superman X to the asteroid and sends his robot henchmen in, but Superman X destroys them and reveals he only allied with Terra-Man to find Imperiex. Now Superman X offers an alliance with Imperiex to protect Abel, even though it will allow Imperiex to be created in the future. Terra-Man attacks both of them and knocks down Superman X. Abel throws himself in Terra-Man’s path and as the bounty hunter prepares to kill him, Imperiex launches an assault that knocks the robot down.


Terra-Man is an android created with a unique self-repairing organic metal. He had advanced artificial intelligence, with the strategic and tactical knowledge. He able to hold his own against Superman X and Imperiex. He was also able to survive after being crushed by the gravity of a forming planet created by Star Boy.


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