Real Name







Fatal Five

Abilities and Powers

Left side of Tharok's body is mechanical, providing him with enhanced strength and intelligence

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow

Voiced By

David Lodge



While on the run on Zadron, a petty thief was caught in the explosion of a nuclear device he stole when the Science Police tried to shoot him. Half his body was instantly vaporized. He was rushed into emergency surgery and attached to a robotic half. Tharok was gifted with heightened intelligence through his robotic side. Tharok escaped his prison and went on a crime spree. He later joined the Fatal Five, a collective of the worst criminals according to the Science Police. The criminals were however brought to justice through the combined efforts of the Legion of Superheroes.

Man of TomorrowEdit

They quickly escaped Takron-Galtos and tried to get revenge at a time when the amount of Legionnaires present at their headquarters were small. After the Legionnaires were unable to recall enough members, they turned to the past and recruited Superman for help. The Fatal Five were defeated


The Five were returned to Takron-Galtos but were offered freedom in exchange for helping the Legion destroy an active Sun-Eater. His intelligence came into play when Brainiac 5 needed assistance in constructing a Solar Transducer. As expected, the Five planned on double crossing and destroying the Legion. The Legion easily defeated the Five and returned them to Takron-Galtos.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

Years later, Imperiex freed the prisoners of Takron-Galtos. The Five journeyed back to Earth and helped destroy the Legion. They were all returned to prison except for Validus, who became Imperiex' chief enforcer. Empress was rendered powerless after Matter-Eater Lad ate part of the Eye. They team disbanded as they were absorbed into Imperiex forces.


  • Cybernetic Enhancements: The entire left-hand-side of Tharok's body is mechanical. It possesses great strength and durability, and the arm can be configured into various weapon forms. It also has a cybernetic brain that is connected to Tharok's own, giving him genius-level intelligence.


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