Time Bubble
Time Bubble


Legion of Superheroes


Brainiac 5


31st century

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow


Practical time travel was prevented by physiological pain rather than applied science. Despite every attempt to attach protective shielding, the various prototypes failed. When Brainiac 5 joined New Metropolis' Time Institute, he invented a special force field and attached it to a working time-device. It was a success and named the Time Bubble. The Time Bubble became the primary mode of time travel in the 20th century. When the Legion of Superheroes stopped a renegade Darkstar from illegally using their technology to see the beginning of time, the Institute awarded them a Time Bubble and Brainiac 5 joined them.

The Legion used the Time Bubble in a moment of desperation to locate Superman to help fight the Fatal Five. They arrived when Clark Kent was only discovering his powers. Afterwards, the Time Bubble was utilized to transport Superman between time periods.


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