United Planets


Titan, of Saturn


31st century

First Appearance

Fear Factory


In 1655, Earth astronomer Christiaan Huygens discovered the largest moon of the planet, Saturn. Unofficially, the satellite became known as Saturni Luna until 1847 when English astronomer and mathematician, John Herschel renamed the moon, Titan.

Later, the alien race known as the Dominators began experimenting with humanoid beings in the hopes of genetically enhancing them with various super-powers. Their experiments eventually culminated in a galactic Invasion of the planet, Earth. A Daxamite named Mon-El became the custodian of these metahuman experiments and used them to seed various planets and moons throughout the galaxy. Titan was one of the seed colonies established by Mon-El. These colonists eventually developed acute psionic talents, including telepathy and mental manipulation.

By the 30th century, they had established what is reputed to be the most efficient system of democratic government in the solar system. A large portion of this is due to the fact that the Titans' natural affinity towards telepathy make corruption in government a virtual impossibility.