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Trom is an ancient colony of Earth. The atmosphere suffers from dangerously high radiation levels. A single broad valley, free of radiation, does exist which allowed humanoid race to evolve there. These Trommites, however, were affected by the radiation.Those mutated evolved a tolerance for the higher radiation levels and eventually developed the ability to transmute the elements. The Trommite people saw their ability as a divine gift and developed into a highly spiritual society.

When they were contacted by the United Planets, the Trommites hid their ability for fear that they would be exploited. Their fears were realized when a pirate named Kivun Roxxas discovered their secret and attempted to force them to do his bidding.

When they refused, the enraged pirate had the planet's population wiped out. A lone survivor, Jan Arrah, escaped and helped the Legion of Superheroes bring the killer to justice. Jan Arrah joined the Legion under the name Element Lad.


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