Real Name







Fatal Five

Abilities and Powers

Superhuman strength and durability, Energy projection

First Appearance

Man of Tomorrow

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker



Validus was a gigantic and almost mindless creature who acted as a member of the Fatal Five, and fought against the Legion of Superheroes. He followed the Emerald Empress' every command.

Man of TomorrowEdit

They were defeated by the Legion of Superheroes and sent to Takron-Galtos to serve their sentences. The Fatal Five soon escaped and arrived on Earth to exact revenge. They were defeated when the Legion recruited Superman. Saturn Girl used her telepathy to controls his mind to help take down the rest of the Fatal Five.


The Fatal Five later resurfaced in a plot to assassinate President Wazzo but one participant of the 343rd Intergalactic Games, Jo Nah, of Rimbor defeated Emerald Empress.


With the threat of the Sun-Eater on the rise, the Legion convinced the imprisoned Fatal Five to agree to a temporary alliance. Fatal Five had every intention of double crossing them, something that the Legion took into account. Shrinking Violet snuck into the Emerald Eye of Ekron and sabotaged it. He and the rest of the group were returned to Takron-Galtos.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

They were later freed by Imperiex and wrecked havoc on the Legion of Superheroes at their Earth headquarters. Validus was recruited by Imperiex when he released him. Imperiex appears to perfectly understand Validus' seemingly incoherent grunting. He answers the brute's question as if he had spoken clearly.

Chained LightningEdit

Validus remained with Imperiex as his favorite enforcer in the 31st century.

Message in a BottleEdit

He accompanied Imperiex to the Fortress of Solitude, to find the Bottle city of Kandor. They shrunk down to find the the Messenger, a device that kept Krypton from exploding, hidden in the city.

Dark VictoryEdit

Validus was turned into computer data by Brainiac 5 when trying to help Imperiex. It is unknown if he was restored to normal like everyone else was.


  • Validus Physiology: Validus possesses superhuman strength, greater than that of most Kryptonians under Earth's yellow sun. The upper limits of Validus' strength have never been measured. Though it is possible that his strength is greater than that of a young Superman. Validus is impervious to most forms of physical attack.
  • Mental Lightning: Validus can project bolts of pure "mental lightning" from his brain. Whether Validus maintained such abilities in his unaltered state has never been revealed.


  • Telepathy: Validus is vunerable to telepathy, as Saturn Girl controls his mind to defeat the rest of the Fatal Five.


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