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President Wazzo
President Wazzo

Real Name

Winema Wazzo






United Planets

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance


Voiced By

April Winchill


Phantom Girl (daughter)



President Winema Wazzo is the elected leader of the United Planets. She originally specialized on privacy law on her homeworld, Bgtzl. Her stiffly formal attitude clashed with her daughter Phantom Girl's free spirit and they often had an odd relationship for years. When Wazzo started public service for the United Planets, her first assignment was to reopen negotiations with the planet Zerox. Their arcane rules humiliated her and she failed. Nonetheless, she rose to the top and became President. Her position has made her a constant target for assassination.


In one instant, the Fatal Five took on disguises to try to assassinate her at the 343rd Intergalactic Games on Olympus 12. But Superman along with her daughter and the attending athletes take down the Fatal Five saving her life.

In the BeginningEdit

She later attended the Legion Day Ceremony to offer her support.


  • Phasing: Winema Wazzo possesses the ability to shift to another dimension, allowing her to phase through solid matter. As a veritable phantom, she cannot be harmed by conventional means of attack. This is a power common to all natives of Bgtzl.


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